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Coming to Australia, IT Vietnamese professionals find it difficult:

- To find friends and relationships to start their new lives. They can hardly feel that they can belong in Australia
- To fully understand the best practice of career development in Australia. Having limited relationships, it is hard for them to follow their dream
- To fully understand the Australian culture, due to the difference with where they were born and grew up

We organise different events and programs to help IT Vietnamese professionals:

- To make friends with others for their social lives

- To learn about Australian career and business best practice to develop their careers

- To network with other IT professionals to further their careers



Bella Bui


Bella is the first lucky member, the 100th member, of our Facebook group. She started her CEO position in 2020, right before Covid, and managed to not just survived the worst time, but scaled it 5 times in the last 2 years.

What is more amazing, she started with no IT background, and successfully learnt to lead an IT association


An Nguyen

Event Manager

An had a strong belief in the vision and the success of the association before the official organisation was set up. She agreed to be the first CEO of the organisation when the founder, Khang presented her the idea and the plan on a simple A4 paper.

She was extremely brave to accept the job and was able to build up the foundation for the association from almost zero

Khang Avatar_2.png

Khang Vo

Founder & Advisor

Khang is a dreamer and the founder of the association. He started a simple Facebook group after a drinking afternoon by the Yarra river side in Melbourne with 20 other IT Vietnamese professionals. The idea caught on and he saw the potential to make hundreds of thousands of IT Vietnamese professionals lives much better. He set up ITPA as a not-for-profit association
With his 15 years of Business and Technology management experience, he is now advising the team to operate

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